John Brown’s Raid

John Brown

[Background Episode] In October, 1859, abolitionist John Brown launched an unsuccessful raid on the United States armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

Hoping to instigate a slave uprising, Brown’s action was successful in further dividing the two regions of the country. Southerners became convinced that Brown represented a northern belief that slavery must be ended through violence if necessary.

Coming just one year before the critical Election of 1860, John Brown’s Raid was one of the most significant events leading towards secession and civil war.

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  1. Tony says:

    I rather consider John Brown a typical revolutionary and no different than Americas’ early founders. It is sad that because he does not fit within a pre-determined ‘box’ he has been ill represented. Keep in mind that his time in Kansas (and Nebraska) where he was merely protecting new settlers who were at best nuetral on the issue of slavery his actions were directed against the well funded (by major Southern political -economic interests) Missouri pro-slavery party…there was clear evidence for example in the case of the massacre (by Missourians) in Lawrence, Kansas that possibly tactical assistance ‘may’ have come from individuals with connections to VMI and the Citadel….[a factoid from local histories in Lawrence, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska ]

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