Fort Sumter Attacked!

First shots fired on Fort Sumter
General Beauregard led the attack on Fort Sumter

On the morning of April 12, Confederate artillery fires on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. 

The next day, Major Robert Anderson and his men surrender.

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  1. It is either a day of glory or infamy, depending on where you stand. On this day in 1861, our Southern ancestors embarked on a second American Revolution as they attenpted again to declare their independence.

  2. Scott Rogers says:

    I highly enjoyed listening to this story, and I thank you Dr. Ross and Dr. Coles for creating this highly informative site. I have placed a permanent link to it on my brand new blog,
    My first post on the blog was an article that I wrote called “The Fall of Fort Sumter”. I look forward to reading all of your posts here, and I will certainly learn much from them.
    By the way, my stepdad and his dad lived in Farmville for many years, were both carpenters, and helped build much of Longwood College.

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