The Evacuation of Yorktown and the Battle of Williamsburg

Union Mortars in Yorktown Siege

The Confederates abandon Yorktown before George McClellan can lay siege to it. After a brief battle at Williamsburg, both armies continue moving toward Richmond.

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2 Responses to The Evacuation of Yorktown and the Battle of Williamsburg

  1. Shada says:

    question! I build into all my presentations plaecs to stop and allow the audience to connect the dots. I typically present for 10-20 minutes and then stop to allow them to discuss how the information applies to them. If I do this on a regular basis, I don’t have to wait for cues from my audience that they have reached saturation.What are some of the tips you use to know when it’s time to stop and allow your audience to connect the dots?

  2. Pak says:

    I am the direct asncetor of Lt Gen. Joseph Warren Keifer. He received the sword from Commodore Tucker in the Battle of Sailer’s Creek in 1865 during his surrender. General Keifer promised to return the sword during piece time because he was so impressed with the valor in which Com. Tucker had presented himself during battle. He even saved Gen. Keifer’s life. For some reason, there was not the opportunity to return the sword and we still have it in our family to this day.I would like to find the proper place or persons for the sword and return it, as my Great, gr, gr, grandfather intended. Ted Keifer

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