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A Conflict Ends

In North Carolina in late April, 1865, the second major Confederate army surrendered.  Over the next two months the remaining southern forces laid down their arms, ending military operations.  Other major events included the killing of President Lincoln’s assassin, John … Full Post

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Surrender at Appomattox

Following the Confederate evacuation of Richmond and Petersburg, General Robert E. Lee moved his army westward, hoping to eventually reach North Carolina and join up with other southern forces located there.  Union forces pursed the retreating Confederates, inflicting at defeat … Full Post

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The Hampton Roads Conference and More Fighting at Petersburg

Representatives of the united States and Confederacy meet at Hampton roads, Virginia to discuss a possible cessation of hostilities, while the Confederates appoint a new Secretary of War and a new round of fighting takes place at Petersburg.

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A New Amendment and Hopes for Peace

The proposed Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution is approved by the United States House of Representatives, and sent out to the states for ratification, while preparations a made for peace negotiations between the two sides.

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