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Sherman Marches North

In late January 1865, following his capture of Savannah, Georgia the previous month, General William T. Sherman commenced his March Through the Carolinas, with the objective of destroying war materials and public property in South and North Carolina, and eventually … Full Post

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Fall of Fort Fisher

By the end of 1864, Wilmington, North Carolina remained the last major port open to the Confederacy.  In mid-January 1865 a combined Union army-navy force mounted a second campaign to capture Fort Fisher, the fortification that defended the mouth of … Full Post

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Sherman Prepares for His March

In mid-November, 1864, General William T. Sherman made preparation to leave the city of Atlanta and begin his famed March to Sea.  Abandoning his supply lines and ignoring the movements of his main Confederate adversary, Sherman instead planned a march … Full Post

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Lincoln Wins Reelection

On November 8, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln won reelection to a second term, defeated General George B. McClellan.  While Lincoln’s reelection chances had initially appeared bleak, Union military vistories in the late summer and fall propelled his party to victory … Full Post

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