The South Forms a Government

During the second week of February, Southerners assembled in Montgomery, Alabama, approved a new constitution for and elected Jefferson Davis President of a new nation: The Confederate States of America. At this same time, Abraham Lincoln began his journey to … Full Post

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Southerners meet in Montgomery

On February 4, 1861 Southern delegates convened in Montgomery, Alabama to begin to create a new nation.  On that same day, the Peace Conference, a last ditch effort to avoid war, convened in Washington. Union troops in Fort Sumter and … Full Post

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Star of the West Attacked

On January 9, 1861, the Star of the West, carrying supplies and reinforcements for Fort Sumter, entered Charleston Harbor. Southern artillerists fired on the ship, driving it away, and accelerating secessionist activities around the South.

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Secession Expands

As the new year of 1861 dawned, secessionists seized a number of U.S. coastal fortifications. As at Fort Sumter in Charleston, the US troops in Pensacola looked to move to a more secure facility in Fort Pickens. Meanwhile, supplies were … Full Post

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