Major Anderson moves to Fort Sumter

After Lincoln’s election, tensions continued to mount around Charleston. Major Robert Anderson, in command of US forces in Charleston, decided that Fort Moultrie was indefensible and on the night of December 26, 1860 he moved his men to the much … Full Post

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South Carolina Secedes from the Union

On December 20, 1860 a convention of elected delegates in Charleston, South Carolina unanimously approved an Ordinance of Secession. The Ordinance dissolved South Carolina’s association with the rest of the United States and accelerated the path toward hostile confrontation.

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The Crisis Deepens

As the South Carolina Secession Convention prepared to meet to discuss the possibility of leaving the Union, President James Buchanan determines not to send reinforcements to the Federal garrison in Charleston. In addition, two members of the president’s cabinet, one … Full Post

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James Buchanan’s Response to Lincoln’s Election

In the weeks after Abraham Lincoln’s election, lame duck president James Buchanan strove to keep the nation together and contain talk of secession. In his State of the Union message to congress he blamed the current situation on northern abolitionists … Full Post

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