The Harsh Winter of 1863 and General Lee’s Concerns Over the Welfare of His Army and the Suffering of his Soldiers

The winter of 1862-1863 was more severe than any for the past two decades. Insufficient shelter and clothing and scanty rations become a major concern to the Confederate Army.

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The Battle of Fredericksburg

Burnside suffers terrible defeat at Fredericksburg.

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Lincoln meets with Burnside on Battle Plans, Lincoln’s State of the Union Message

Lincoln meets with Ambrose Burnside to plan Fredericksburg Campaign. Lincoln delivers State of the Union Address to the 37th Congress of the United States of America.

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The Stage is Set at Fredericksburg

Generals Ambrose Burnside and Robert E. Lee arrive at Fredericksburg.  Troops are put into positions. Joseph E. Johnson is appointed to High Command in the West.

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