Jefferson Davis

African-American Confederates

In the desperate last days of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis eventually follows the advice of General Patrick Cleburne and signs a law allowing African-Americans to serve as soldiers in the Confederate Army.

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Sherman Marches North

In late January 1865, following his capture of Savannah, Georgia the previous month, General William T. Sherman commenced his March Through the Carolinas, with the objective of destroying war materials and public property in South and North Carolina, and eventually … Full Post

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Jefferson Davis Pays Braxton Bragg a Visit

After receiving a petition from subordinates asking for Braxton Bragg’s removal from command, Jefferson Davis travels to Bragg’s post near Chattanooga to assess the situation.

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A Murder in Kentucky

During the Kentucky campaign of 1862, as Confederate forces threatened the central and eastern portions of the state, Union Generals Jefferson C. Davis and William “Bull” became involved in a feud that would leave one of the officers dead and … Full Post

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