John Pope

Battles of Second Manassas and Chantilly

Facing John Pope’s newly-organized Army of Virginia, Robert E. Lee boldly divided his forces and inflicted a bloody defeat near the old battlefield of First Manassas. Following a subsequent clash at Chantilly, Lee then moved his army northward into Maryland.

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Lee Moves Against Pope and the Sioux Rise Up in Minnesota

As George McClellan began to withdraw his army from the Virginia Peninsula, Robert E. Lee Moved northward to face a threat from a new Union army commanded by General John Pope. Meanwhile, in Minnesota the Sioux Indians fought with white settlers and soldiers in … Full Post

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In Virginia, One Campaign Begins and Another Ends

During late July and early August 1862, Union troops under General John Pope begin to move southward in what would become known as the Second Manassas campaign, while George McClellan received orders to begin withdrawing the Army of the Potomac … Full Post

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