A Prison Escape and Operations in Mississippi

In mid-February 1864, more than 100 Union officers mounted a bold escape from Richmond’s Libby Prison, while General William T. Sherman commanded an expedition that sacked the town of Meridian, Mississippi, in what is often considered as a trial run … Full Post

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Fighting Along the Mississippi

In mid-March 1863, Union forces under Ulysses Grant would make two new efforts to reach the Confederate positions at Vicksburg, Mississippi, while to the south a Union fleet and army threatened Port Hudson, Louisiana.

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“Beast” Butler

Confederate President Jefferson Davis issues a proclamation declaring Union General Benjamin Butler an outlaw subject to immediate execution, and the Confederate repulse a Union attack at Chickasaw Bayou.

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Political Intrigue in the North and a Confederate Raid in Mississippi

A political crisis leads to threatened resignations in the president’s cabinet, General Grant issues his infamous General Order No. 11, and the Confederates mount a successful raid on the Union supply depot at Holly Springs, Mississippi.

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