Minor Adventures on the Water

A U.S. Navy ship runs aground off North Carolina while another Federal expedition moves up the White River in Arkansas.

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Confederate Success in the Shenandoah Offset by the Loss of Norfolk


Confederate successes in the Shenandoah Valley continued with Stonewall Jackson’s victory at McDowell, while Union General George McClellan’s advance up the Virginia peninsula led to the Confederate evacuation of Norfolk and the scuttling of the C.S.S. Virginia.

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The Crescent City Falls to the Union

Captain David Farragut of the U.S. Navy led a naval force past the Confederate forts guarding New Orleans, Louisiana, and the largest city in the Confederacy soon fell into Union hands.

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Duel of the Ironclads

The first battle of ironclad ships takes place in Hampton Roads with the Monitor and Virginia fighting to a draw.

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