Secessionville, Cumberland Gap, and Vicksburg

In the third week of June 1862, the Union command dealt with the aftermath of the battle of Secessionville, South Carolina, while northern forces occupied Cumberland Gap and tightened their pressure on Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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Virginia Secedes

On May 23, the critical state of Virginia votes to secede from the Union.  The next day, as Union troops occupy northern Virginia, New York Colonel Elmer Ellsworth is shot dead by a civilian.  Ellsworth becomes the first of many … Full Post

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North Carolina Secedes, Richmond Becomes Confederate Capital

Like three other states in the Upper South, North Carolina would also move the leave the Union in the aftermath of the Fort Sumter attack.  In the aftermath of Virginia’s secession, that state’s Secession Convention invited the Confederate government to … Full Post

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Secession of Arkansas and Tennessee

Lincoln’s call for troops to put down the rebellion in the aftermath of Fort Sumter’s surrender would lead both Arkansas and Tennessee to leave the Union and join the Confederacy.

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