Secession in the Old Dominion, Violence in Baltimore

Following the attack on Fort Sumter and Lincoln’s call for troops to put down the rebellion, the State Convention voted for a third time on the issue of secession and determined to leave the Union.  As U.S. troops passed through … Full Post

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Virginia Votes Against Secession

Following Abraham’s Lincoln’s inauguration in March 1861, the State Convention in Virginia voted a second time against secession, while events at Charleston, South Carolina and Pensacola, Florida, moved closer towards an armed confrontation.

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Treachery in Texas? Mission to Charleston

Texas became the seventh state to secede from the Union in February 1861.  In the aftermath of secession, David Twiggs, the commander of United States troops in the state, negotiated with Texas officials to surrender the Union installations and garrisons … Full Post

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Jefferson Davis: Confederate President

On February 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as provisional president of the Confederate States of America.  A native of Kentucky and graduate of West Point, Davis had served in the Mexican War and had served in both the U.S. … Full Post

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