Stonewall Jackson

Engagement at Baton Rouge and the Battle of Cedar Mountain

Confederates make a failed attempt to recapture Baton Rouge while Stonewall Jackson rallies his men to victory in Virginia.

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Climax in the Shenandoah: The Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic

In early June 1862 Union forces occupied Memphis Tennessee, while in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson completed his masterful campaign with victories over two Union armies at Cross Keys and Port Republic.

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More Bloodshed in the Shenandoah

In late May, 1862, Stonewall Jackson would win two additional victories in his Shenandoah Valley Campaign, defeating Union forces at Front Royal and Winchester.

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Confederate Success in the Shenandoah Offset by the Loss of Norfolk


Confederate successes in the Shenandoah Valley continued with Stonewall Jackson’s victory at McDowell, while Union General George McClellan’s advance up the Virginia peninsula led to the Confederate evacuation of Norfolk and the scuttling of the C.S.S. Virginia.

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