Gettysburg and Vicksburg

The tide of war turns against the Confederacy after a traumatic defeat at Gettysburg and the surrender of Vicksburg.

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Tullahoma, Vicksburg, and the Road to Gettysburg

In Late June, 1863, General William Rosecrans successfully maneuvered his army to capture the Confederate position at Tullahoma, Tennessee, while the Federals exploded a mine beneath the Confederate defenses at Vicksburg.  In the east Robert E. Lee’s Army moved farther … Full Post

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Vicksburg and a Confederate Offensive in the East

The siege of Vicksburg continued and the advanced elements of the Army of Northern Virginia moved into Pennsylvania, while in Georgia the Confederate ironclad Atlanta surrendered to Federal ships.

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Milliken’s Bend and the Gettysburg Campaign Begins

As part of the Vicksburg Campaign, the Confederates launch an unsuccessful attack against Grant’s supply lines at Milliken’s Bend.  Union black soldiers suffer heavy casualties in one of their earliest battles.

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