William T. Sherman

A Conflict Ends

In North Carolina in late April, 1865, the second major Confederate army surrendered.  Over the next two months the remaining southern forces laid down their arms, ending military operations.  Other major events included the killing of President Lincoln’s assassin, John … Full Post

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Sherman Marches North

In late January 1865, following his capture of Savannah, Georgia the previous month, General William T. Sherman commenced his March Through the Carolinas, with the objective of destroying war materials and public property in South and North Carolina, and eventually … Full Post

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Wheeler’s Raid and Movements in the Shenandoah

As William Sherman’s armies threatened Atlanta, Confederate General Joseph Wheeler led a cavalry raid into north Georgia and Tennessee to cut Union supply lines.  In the Shenandoah Valley, the armies of Philip Sheridan and Jubal Early maneuvered without a major … Full Post

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Union Victory at Mobile Bay

A Federal fleet commanded by David Farragut forced its way into the entrance of Mobile Bay, defeating a Confederate fleet and leading to the surrender of two Confederate forts.  In the Atlanta Campaign, William Sherman made a second attempt to … Full Post

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